About Us




Streets Of Rome was formed in early 2013 in Sonoma County, in the California’s wine country.   The band was co-founded by songwriters Edward Patrick Mooney and Ana Luisa Anzore to write and record original musical narratives affirming life, faith and the dignity of the human spirit.  Mooney and Anzore write songs by and for "people that have lived a little" - drawing on real life experiences to create unique and personal songs.

Streets Of Rome released its debut 4-song CD/EP "Fifty Years Before The Mast" in July 2013 and since then has released 10 additional songs available on iTunes, CDBaby and digital streaming media such as Spotify, Rdio and iHeart Radio.

All band members are experienced in music ministry and youth ministry and Streets Of Rome enjoys performing for charitable, community, and faith-based events in full band format or in ‘unplugged’ settings.  




Edward Patrick Mooney (Vocals, Guitar, Bass)

Edward Patrick Mooney began writing songs in his early teens and began playing in bands while in high school. After college, he was a songwriter and sang and played bass for a Los Angelese post-punk band that achieved critical acclaim. Over the past ten years he has been involved in youth ministry, parish music ministry, parish and diocese councils, community involvement as a youth coach, and is the co-founder of the Global University for Lifelong Learning, which brings educational and empowerment opportunities to some of the world’s poorest communities.  In addition to Streets Of Rome, he is writing a musical based on the life and work of Father Junipero Serra, under permission from the publisher of a biography of the Father of the California Missions, "Life of Serra." 


Ana Anzore (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Ukelele, Stand-up Bass)

At a young age Ana Anzore discovered playing and singing music was a way to bring joy to others.  In recent years she rediscovered the love of bringing music to others and  made it her ministry, both as a parish and Cursillo musician and by performing in bands.  She regularly performs for senior centers and Alzheimer care facilities.  She is a singer and plays multiple instruments for Streets Of Rome on recordings and in live performances. She also performs with Homebrew – an Americana band from Petaluma, California.



Stu Manzano (Piano, Keyboards)  

Born in Santa Rosa California to Filipino immigrants, Stu Manzano grew up in neighboring Rohnert Park. After high school he attended Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA where he studied Composition and Production.  He has been in the local Sonoma county music scene since 2010. His Jazz, Latin and Funk influences add interesting and innovative arrangements, lead lines, solos and pianistic touches to the band’s classic California singer-songwriting style. Stu currently works at as a music minister at St. Vincent's Parish in Petaluma and also produces music under his dance alias Fried Bananas.


Bob Gibson (Guitar, Vocals)

Bob Gibson has been involved in youth ministry for more than twenty years. He is passionate about working with kids in faith formation. He is also passionate about the role music plays in ministry and in life itself. He started playing guitar six years ago and joined Streets Of Rome in 2013. He enjoys listening to and playing both Classic rock and Christian rock. Bob is originally from Lake Tahoe where he became an avid skier and learned to appreciate the beauty that God creates and the wonder of life itself.

John Reed (Drums) 

John Reed has over 25 years experience playing drums in the Bay Area music scene, and brings a vibrant energy to Streets Of Rome arrangements, both in the recording studio and live performances.  John is a musician at Spring Hills Christian Church in Santa Rosa, California.